The advantages of working with Kerecis™

Mammalian tissue carries the risk of disease transmission to humans that is nonexistent from the Atlantic cod to humans. The FDA has strict requirements on tissues from farm animals including viral inactivation methods involving treatment with detergents that remove lipids from the tissues and denature the native structure leaving behind only the most insoluble collagens. Products from human tissues like skin and dehydrated human amnion/chorion membrane call for extensive use of antibiotics to reduce bioburden.

The Acellular Fish Skin graft is not subject to this harsh treatment, leaving a more naturally intact product with its associated benefits. The technical benefits relate to all stages of the healing process.

  • Inflammation is an important first phase of healing, but unchecked delays the healing process. Kerecis™ Omega3 Burn has in chronic wounds been shown to shift the inflammatory response to facilitate the initiation of healing.
  • This is followed by the proliferative stage where the graft has been shown to augment cellular migration and vascular ingrowth, the cornerstone of healing with the recruitment of the body healing response and early transport of much needed growth factors, nutrition and cells required to lay down new tissues.
  • The third long-lasting remodeling phase is restricted by the outcome of the earlier two phases. Kerecis™ Omega3 Burn increases the likelihood of a good outcome from the inflammatory and proliferative phases, decreases the chance of colonization and infection and prepares the wound bed for STSG with the best chance of successful graft take and remodeling.

The mechanism when transplanted to a burn wound site, the Kerecis™ Omega3 acellular fish graft refocuses the healing process of the tissue damage. The graft acts as a scaffold for revascularization and repopulation by the patient’s cells, which are under attack from MMP’s in the inflamed wound. The natural Omega3 lipids in the graft also serve to reduce inflammatory processes allowing the wound healing to progress normally. The skin is ultimately converted into living tissue and remodeling ensues.