SUPRATHEL® is an innovative skin substitute for the treatment of dermal wounds. Especially with the wound care of scalds and burns, abrasions, split-thickness skin graft donor sites as well as chronic wounds the application of SUPRATHEL® leads to excellent healing success. 

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Research which gets under your skin

The latest scientific insights in the field of wound care form the basis for PolyMedics Innovations GmbH (PMI). Our continuous research and constant new discoveries resulted in unique materials and treatment concepts. This competency benefits both patients, medical staff and societies.
PMI specifically invests in fundamental research. These research projects result in the development of new products and treatment methods which are truly pioneering. We are thankful for our cooperation with world-leading research and clinical institutions.

Our skin shapes our appearance more than any other organ. PMI has made the treatment of skin injuries its top priority – Our goal is to improve woundcare for patients, physicians and societies through innovation and collaboration.